SECV together with CATV DTA Support - Q&A
Can I activate my digital converter on the website?
How can I order additional DTAs?
How do I activate my DTA?
How do I know if my activation process is complete?
How do I program the DTA remote control (manually entering the code)?
How do I program the DTA remote control (searching for code)?
How do I turn off my DTA?
Is there a time period when I cannot activate my DTA?
What channels are available with the DTA?
What do I need for each additional TV connection where I wish to view ALL channels in the Classic Cable Lineup?
What is Music Choice®?
What is the difference between a Digital Converter and a DTA?
What is the monthly DTA rental fee?
The first two DTA rentals are FREE as part of your subscription (does not include Local Advantage® customers). Additional DTAs after the first two can be leased for $1.95 per month per DTA.
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